Green Burial

Gabriola needs a new cemetery.

Our current cemetery is near capacity. We recognize the love our residents have for this island and their wish to have their final resting place here, near family and friends. We are planning now so that we can honour and accommodate our community members final wishes.

Finding a location is challenging.

The cost of land is high. Securing land for community use is difficult. Our beautiful island is fragile. We have to protect the groundwater, trees and soil. Our sense of well-being is dependent upon the health of the environment.

Denman Island Natural Burial Cemetery

A natural burial cemetery for green burials is an answer for Gabriola. 

Green burial employs sustainable, environmental practices by avoiding chemicals harmful to soil and water. A natural burial cemetery accepts only green burials. It ensures that the cemetery design utilizes native vegetation and preserves the natural surroundings with minimal impact. Site designs may also include spaces for a memorial and sitting, walking and gathering for visitors,

Green burial connects the past and the future. 

Green burial has existed through history and across many cultures. It avoids traditional western funeral practices that are harmful to the environment. In this time of increased concern for our climate and preserving the natural environment, returning to the practice of green burial makes sense. 

Community Consultation

To create and realize this vision we will need community support. Please watch for our sharing of information in the Sounder, on this webpage, and on Facebook. There will be opportunities for consultation as we proceed. Contact us at for more information.

Want to know more? 

There are many resources covering a wide range of contemporary death care issues and options.You can find valuable information on the Gabriola Community Death Care Collective at

Salt Spring Island Natural Cemetery